Case Studies

Evaluating QuickFISH™ for Rapid Sepsis Species ID

Emma Kerr, Royal Alexandra Hospital, describes a recent study where patient blood culture samples were evaluated for the clinical effectiveness of QuickFISH™ in the direct detection of Staphylococcus species and Enterobacteriaceae.

Rapid Bacteraemia Identification

Olayinka Olutoye describes her project work to investigate the clinical significance of the QuickFISH™ assay.

Rapid Pathogen ID in Blood Cultures

Customers at North Middlesex University Hospital,describe their experience using PNA FISH.

An Introduction to QuickFISH

An introduction showing 20 minute pathogen ID directly from positive blood cultures.

QuickFISH using Resin Bottles

A visual guide to the procedure, using blood culture bottles containing resin beads.

QuickFISH using non-Resin Bottles

A visual guide to the procedure, using non-resin blood culture bottles.